Date: Thursday 30th of May 2024 at 01:49:am


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Charlotte: Christian Leaders Protest over Abortion Clinic

Church Leaders and African-American women have protested the opening of a new Planned Parenthood clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina on Monday. Christian post reports that the leaders expressed outrage during the protest, stating that the nation’s largest abortion service providers were not welcomed to the city. First lady and director of women’s ministry at the … Continue reading

How to Influence Your Child to Care for Others – Part 2

In our previous post, we shared with you some helpful posts on how you can be a catalyst of change in other people’s lives and passing this on to your children. Empathy is such a life-giving character that our Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana strives to practice this virtue in every opportunity presented to us. … Continue reading

How to Influence Your Child to Care for Others – Part 1

Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that our children grow up with the intent of being a positive catalyst in other people’s lives? When every parent achieves this, what a wonderful world we will have, wouldn’t we? While you have no control over how other parents nurture their children, you have a way of influence … Continue reading

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