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These are words spoken and written by great men of God from far and near that will either Educate, Inspire, Motivate, Bless or Pray for you.....

The way you know the character of an organization is not how they treat people that join the organization, you know the character of an organization by how they treat people that leave the organization.


You will not drive away your Saviour whatever the circumstances but welcome Him as your Lord. You will not allow material things to hinder you from getting to the Kingdom of God; you will be wise in Jesus Name.

When your intents don’t line up with God’s intents, you’ll struggle with it. But when you align yourself with His intentions knowing that He is sovereign & that it’s working out for your good, He’ll turn your grief to glory. Don’t lose heart; God’s thoughts for you are for good.

HAPPY FAMILY (1) If you are not in love with your spouse and children, there is nothing to bind the relationship together. Love is the master key and the foundation to a happy family. Love is not only a decision but also... (link:


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