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In 1999,Salisu, the Speaker, lost his seat and wept and apologized  for lying on oath about his certificate.

In 2019,Buhari,the President, retains his seat, despite lying on oath about his educational claims, and he rejoices as our court certified his perjury. He laughs, but the country must mourn as its future regresses further  into the abyss of 'Nothingness'.No longer should we be able,  in good conscience, chastise our aspiring youths for forging credentials to gain admission, as fraud has been ordained by the priests at the temple of justice 

This, definitely, cannot be right. I sympathize with our education sector minders as they are burdened with a moral crisis of how to respond to issues of cheating in examinations, when the custodian of our leadership mantle has been caught, in brought day light, stealing meat from grandmother's soup pot.And he is not shameful

I thank Eledumare that I am conveniently out of formal university teaching and administration, and will no longer be involved in those routine cases of students  disciplinary committee,  to which hapless students, mostly in their penultimate year, are summoned to answer to charges of forged results to gain admission .Poor students, they are thrown out, with lost of three years academic sessions  to the bargain 

Safe for sphere of private  morality that parents are still enjoined  to keep, as compass, to navigate the uprightness of their children, everything has since gotten rotten in our public domain.Buhari just defecated  publicly, thus fouling the already smelling village square

 *Nigeria dies, again* 
 *- Akinyemi Onigbinde fb*

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