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There is a saying that goes thus, that when Nigeria sneezes all countries within the continent of Africa catch cold.  The pertinent question to ask is if the saying is a dictum or not and how relevant is the saying in view of our current national history.  Sneezing ordinarily does not connote an unhealthy situation or sickness until when it becomes rampart and in excess of what normally is acceptable within the normal frequency of occurrence.  Nothing is wholly good or bad and the determination of what it is whether good or bad is a function of the acceptable societal norms.  Who is that physician that has the expertise to diagnose Nigeria’s ailment accurately?  There is a wise saying that only the wearer of the shoes knows where it pinches, and this leads us into the question as to whether Nigerians are perceptive enough to determine whether they are living in heaven or hell. The problems that are plaguing  the country now that are gradually assuming the status of being a part and parcel of our make up as a country which include armed robbery, kidnapping, banditry, terrorism and insurgencies are far from being a natural phenomenon, rather it is man-made and designed to make a point in the parlance of the demonstration of craze. If democracy is what it is in our country, I think any other worst kind of system of government is better now, for what chases a rat that makes it run into fire must be deadlier than fire.   It has always been the characteristic way of a typical Nigerian to smile while suffering and this paint a picture of mental disorders that await diagnosis.  The focus of Nigerians has been shifted away from the question of whether President Muhammadu Buhari actually won the 2019 presidential election to the journey of what is christened as the “next level” and has made possible by the instrument of distraction in the reign of terror on the country.  This indeed is the manifestation of the darkness that covers the country and the gross darkness that has engulf the people.  Sorry, the blind man’s world is a function of the limit of his touch, and that is why when he lights a lamp, he does that not for him to see with it but that those who are coming may see him and not bump into him. The leadership in Nigeria fits in for description as the blind men that are leading blind people, the destiny of those that inevitably terminates in a pit.  What deceives the blind man walking stick automatically deceives the blind man.  The sickness of Nigeria is not unto death, for there is a recovery where there is a discovery.  This indeed is the moment of national healing.  GOD BLESS NIGERIA  

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Bukola Posted on 2019-11-04

True talk, GOD save Nigeria.

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