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Date: Thursday 22nd of February 2024 at 03:03:am

The coronavirus is ravaging India. Here's how you can help

India is experiencing the world's worst coronavirus outbreak. 

The country has had more than 17.6 million cases since the pandemic began last year. But experts fear the the real number could be up to 30 times higher.

Grieving families are struggling to keep themselves and their loved ones safe amid an overwhelmed health care system, and medical workers are stretched thin as some hospitals run out of oxygen and supplies.

The global community is rallying to help India push back against the pandemic, with countries around the world offering aid. 

You can help, too. Here's how. To donate to any of the charities mentioned in this article, click the button below or here.

Care India has an urgent call out for donations to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) -- like suits and masks -- to frontline health care workers.

UNICEF USA is supporting India's health care workers by providing critically needed supplies like oxygen concentrators, testing systems, PPE kits and personal care products. To donate, click here.

Project HOPE is working with government officials to deliver medical supplies, including PPE, ventilators and ICU equipment, to areas of greatest need.

Americares is helping provide PPE including gloves, face shields and masks for front line workers. The organization is also supplying ventilators and pulse oximeters in addition to helping with community education.

The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin represents more than 80,000 practicing physicians in the US.

Among the organization's Covid-19 relief efforts, the non-profit is accepting financial donations to provide oxygen concentrators to India. 

Direct Relief says it is helping India by also supplying the country with needed oxygen concentrators and medical resources. The organization has committed an initial $5 million dollars in emergency relief efforts. 

Airlink is launching "rapid response" airlifts of humanitarian aid, including oxygen and other PPE and medical supplies, to all corners of India.

Give donations for meals, medication and medical equipment

The non-profit said donations go toward distributing PPE and providing food and groceries to impoverished families impacted by lockdown efforts.

The Hope Foundation is urgently requesting support to respond to the coronavirus crisis in Kolkata. The non-profit said that government hospitals in the region are struggling to meet demands of the second wave. The organization provides multiple ways to give across various price points. 

Donors can choose how their dollars can make an impact with options including meals, oxygen, and medication for patients. The organization also offers donation options for as little as 6 dollars, which can provide PPE for hospital staff. Larger contributions of 134 dollars can purchase oxygen cylinders. And for 1,000 dollars you can help purchase cardiac monitors. To browse the various ways you can give, click here.

American India Foundation is taking donations to pay for equipment like hospital beds and medical oxygen. 

International Medical Corps Is setting up temporary treatment centers and providing supplies including ventilators, monitors, hygiene products, and PPE. 

Vibha concentrates its efforts on improving the lives of children. Donors can allocate their money to food and hygiene kits for families or to oxygen concentrators. 

Mercy Corps sends teams into rural parts of India to educate about the ways coronavirus spreads. They have been working to combat misinformation (rumors the virus was spread by mosquitoes, for instance) and teach people how to protect themselves. Workers even installed loudspeakers on top of vehicles that drove to the most remote tea farms, playing pre-recorded messages on preventative measures. They are also distributing hygiene kits and improving access to clean water and toilets. 

To learn how India is fighting a devastating second wave of Covid-19, Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains what went wrong and why it matters to everyone worldwide in this Coronavirus: Fact vs. Fiction.

By: Ashley Vaughan



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