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Date: Wednesday 29th of November 2023 at 04:15:pm

Prince Harry Honours His Mother Princess Diana By His Choice Of Wife.
BY HIS CHOICE OF WIFE PRINCE HARRY HONOURS HIS MOTHER. Princess Diana, mother of Princes William and Harry died in such a tragic manner when the boys were yet kids. Harry was at his most tender age when mother's love and affection was most desired. That death robbed Harry the maternal love he was growing into. If you think the boys will forget the tragic events that led to the murder of their celebrity mother and princess, think again. The marriage of Harry and his choice of wife goes against the traditions of the royal family. In case you don't know let me refresh your mind. The royal princes are groomed to Mary from Royal blood. Their wives should be virgin with the blue blood and raised in all the royalties that are associated with royal children. Virginity and royal blood and necessary qualities a would be wife of the royal family must possess regardless of the waywardness of the prince. Lady Di married to Prince Charles as a virgin. The princes and kings of the royal family are free to have as many mistresses as they desire but the queen is forbidden from sleeping with any man. Or to complain about the infidelity of the husband who of course is her "lord and master". Many do not know that the queen looses her crown and title the day she's caught in adultery. Many also do not know that only eunuchs serve in Queen's inner chamber. This was the traditions princess Di was married into. She tried to change her unfaithful husband prince Charles but couldn't. She complained and protested and was hated by the queen for the same reason. Princesses and queens should not complain about infidelity of their husbands. This is an ancient tradition in the royal family. Princess Di could not accept it. So she set out to protest it and that led her into adulterous life. This led to his divorce and consequently to her tragic death. All these drama happened while Harry was a child. As the scripture would say, Harry kept all these in his heart and wondered about them everyday of his life. His marriage was the day of pay back. The time to honour his mother. Here are the things Harry did in his wedding that vindicates or validates his mother's protest and death. Princes Charles his father married a much younger wife and a virgin, princess Diana. Prince Harry married a divorcee who is older than him. Princes are supposed to marry a virgin from a royal family. Prince Harry married a celebrity, a divorcee and of no royal blood. In fact Prince Harry's wife is mixed race. Ordinarily an abomination in the royal family. The contrast is prince Di was murdered to prevent a possible royal children Princes William and Harry from having an African and a Muslim half brother or sister. Harry has brought a contradiction to the royal family to honour his mother. Prince Harry went further to despise the royal tradition by obtaining permission to keep his bears. Those who understand Western culture know that keeping clean face is a sign of maturity, gentleness, courage and wisdom. Harry has broken that culture. Prince Harry is probably aware that his marriage to an American celebrity may not last still he married her. Harry knows Americans have no respect for royal rules and order, yet he married her. This could only be the best way to honour his mother celebrity princess. Pop since Harry knows he needs a celebrity like his mother to further her mother's protest. This honour will reach its peak the day Meghan will divorce Harry. Perhaps that day Prince Harry will tell the world the reason behind his choice. By his marriage to Meghan Harry has made a public mockery of the age old royal tradition that has denied women right of association. By this wedding prince Harry has paid his last homage to his mother. Posted by Abraham. 20/05/2018

By: Mickey Oro Ugbonwa

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