Date: Thursday 6th of October 2022 at 12:10:pm

Dress Up!
Philippines known to be a conservative country. In the early days, most women dress up modesty and conservatively in which you cannot see even the tip of the toe. As the days pass by, modern days as we call. What happen to our lady now, its a big difference. Technology is within our reach that is why we get influence right away not aware if it is the right thing to do or are we just adventurous to explore something new. What you see is what you get, tried to follow this and that. Where's your manner? What happen to you? Dress up! They say dress to express not to impress but hey! You don't have to dress like you are going to show it all. Do not express it to much that you almost naked, you can dress modesty. According to research there are hundreds of raped cases all over the country in just a month. The rapists don't show any mercy at all. They raped even the 80 year-old women and the 2 year old girl. Why is that? It is because the lusts of the eyes and the lusts of the flesh. Be aware and beware, be the women you could be. If you couldn't respect others, please respect yourself. BE THE INFLUENCE! DRESS UP!

By: Kate Morales


Posted on 2019-07-04

This is way cool




Posted on 2018-07-09

Nothing wrong with looking your best! Its your motivation that counts.

Kate Morales 2019-01-17

Agree! there\'s nothing wrong to look great. But its totally different if you dress up decently so people will respect you accordingly. What people see is what they think about you.



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