Date: Thursday 26th of November 2020 at 07:24:am

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Biden is not America and America is not Biden

The outcome of the 2020 Presidential election in America reveals to all and sundry that democracy is dynamic, a journey as well as an experience. What happened to President Donald Trump is a reflection of the fact that there is time and season for everything, therefore confirming the truism that leaders who fail to change their minds in the port will inevitably sink in the sea. Noteworthy is the fact that Former President Barack Obama invented the slogan of "Yes, we can". However, with the President-elect Joseph R. Biden, this slogan is further extended to prove a stronger point as it says "Yes, together we can". The insight gained into the purpose why Biden emerged is further demonstrated and revealed through his thoughts, one of which is the fact that for a long time America has kept the faith but to him now is the time to spread the faith. 

It is important at this juncture to correct some negative impressions held by both Americans and non-Americans about the ideological beliefs of the Democrats in relation to the biblical injunctions. Holding a belief is different from having the belief to hold one. For instance, the Democrats believe in the inalienable rights of EVERY American regardless of race, gender, and sexual orientation and that is what makes America. That is who we are and that is what makes us different from others. So it is time to discard all destructive conjectures and colorations that tend to paint Joe Biden as a non-believer, and come to the understanding that even Jesus Christ came not for the saved but for the lost. It is painful when you see people display their ignorance shamelessly, especially those who are in position of teaching others. Many prophecies had gone forth by ministers of God within and outside America in favor of President Donald Trump and unfortunately the outcome of the election has proved them wrong and painted a picture canality. God does not see as man sees and He rewards everyone according to His deeds. I think it is important that we all mind our businesses and first and foremost deal with the problems in our countries before poke nosing into other countries affairs. This is America and not any other country. God bless America 

By: Samuel Adeyanju 

By: Administrator

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