Date: Thursday 26th of November 2020 at 06:40:am

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America has learned and forgot nothing

All over the world there is one thing people have in common and that has to do with the saying that if you dear to sell your kinsman for cheap you cannot buy him back even at a high cost. That also gives credence to the biblical saying that we should buy the truth and sell it not. Americans both the Democrats and the Republicans seemed to have learned nothing and forgotten nothing in relation to the outcome of the 2020 presidential election that saw Biden and Kamala emerged as both the President and the Vice-President elect. What do I mean by this? The incidents especially of police brutality which was premised on the monster of inequality had divided the country apart. The protests that sparked up in reaction to the murder of innocent black folks which covered the entire globe was a signal to the American people that urgent action needed to be taken to clean up America and safeguard the country from external attacks.


Similarly, the COVID-19 Pandemic also was a signal to the entire human race that the time was at hand for people to prepare and clean up for no one ever expected such an unprecedented pandemic which caused the death of so many across the world. Rather than learn important lessons from the antecedents which were both man made and supernatural we took things for granted and continued to be indifferent forgetting that little drops of water make an ocean. In other words, we are the architects of what befalls us whether for good or for bad. Now is the time of reckoning when heads have been bowed with the sole aim of humbling and drawing us closer to the power that is both above and beyond us. What has happened in the political and other areas of life has proved the sumpremacy of God to us and at this juncture wisdom demands that we submit totally to the behest of the Almighty God if we are to find our way forward. The discovery of the vaccine against the Corona Virus at this time communicates to us a message about the timing and gives hope to the hopeless but still pointing to the fact that only the hope that God gives is hope indeed. The clarion call is for all to appreciate the place of the Almighty God in our affairs for only Him rules in the Kingdom of men with absolute authority. Let every nation of the world look unto Him alone as the source of life and not to the source of the Corona Virus vaccine which is America. God alone is the giver of life and life gives meaning to hope. 

By: Samuel Adeyanju 

By: Administrator

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