Date: Thursday 30th of May 2024 at 03:23:am


Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, Tony Evans has appealed to the public to pray for his wife after doctors diagnosed her of cancer.

News credited to Christian Post reports that Pastor Evans shared his request on Tuesday in a statement which he posted on Social media and shared via email.

Tony Evans, Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas

The cleric wrote, “Friends, please pray for my wife, Lois. Lois has been a cancer-free patient under care for a while. However, her last routine scan revealed that her rare gallbladder cancer has returned.

“We are going to trust God in the dark for a solution, and we are asking you to fervently pray to that end.” He wrote.

Evan requested people to pray for “God to intervene” as they continue to search for an effective treatment to cure it once and for all.

He said, “I’m sure you have questions. This news is fresh and we don’t have many answers to give. We will keep you updated as we can. But as you wait — while we wait — we are asking for your prayers.”

However, the family is still grieving the loss of the cleric’s niece, Wynter Pitts, who passed on last year.

Meanwhile, Evan’s children, Priscilla and Anthony have taken to social media to share their father’s message of prayer for their mother.

Anthony’s statement wrote, “I’m sure this news about Lois is shocking. It is shocking to us too. In recent days, we have had quite a bit on us as a family as you know. My faith is being tested in a way I’ve never experienced … but I trust God. I choose to believe — our whole family is choosing to believe that, even now, He knows what He is doing.”

He went on to declare that they, as a family, will cling to the joy of the Lord as their strength and will not lose hope for Lois’ healing. The well-known preacher explained that they have no further information on her prognosis but will keep everyone abreast.

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