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Love Endures and Love Prevails

God always gives us the chance to show our love and compassion to people we know or have just met through the things we do and how we relate to them. As humans, we are given the free will to do what we please, but on a much bigger scale, our actions must ultimately be that which pleases our heavenly Father.

In 1 Corinthians 13:7 (NKJV), it says love: “bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

  • Love bears all things
    As parents, the actions that your little children do may get on your nerves when they get in your way of something important, but come night time, when everything is peaceful, you get to see how precious your children are and how important they are to you. You forget what went on during the day and let their goodness take over all the mischief they may have done, all because love bears all things without keeping score of the good and bad. Love just accepts people for who they are.
  • Love believes all things
    There is nothing better than the feeling of a child having their parents as their number one fan. When children can see their parents believing in them and appreciating what they like, they can achieve so much in life and can become blessings in return to their parents and all the people they come across. Just as the Virgin Mary believed in Angel Gabriel that she would bear a son whom she would name Jesus, believed without doubt that her Immaculate Conception would come true. As Mary believed without hesitation, so should you believe that God will see you through your struggles and hear your prayers.
  • Love hopes all things
    When parents see their children struggling, they hope and pray that their worries end the soonest, but above all that, they will always hope that their children will do well in life and be blessed by God to able to weather through any storm. At our Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we strive to inspire the youth to hope and believe in their dreams and trust in the Lord that all their work and effort are experiences that will make them stronger in spirit.
  • Love endures all things
    Through tough times, parents will do anything to provide for their family and not see them suffer. Any loving parent will give up even the clothes on their back to see their child safe and happy. Our Non-profit organizations in Indianapolis, Indiana aim to provide necessary help the youth may need.

As children look up to their parents, so should we to God and trust him in everything at all times. Love can mean different things to people, but what God surely wants from us is to spread the goodness that lets us love our neighbors and not destroy them.

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